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Welcome to the Sheraton Cadwell Group of Music Professionals!
131 Bloor Street West
Suite 200-286
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1R8

Phone 416.712.2555
Fax 416.250.7824


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Purveyor of live musical entertainment for heads of state, diplomats, dignitaries, VIPs and other discerning patrons.

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Specialising in providing professional musicians for the upscale market in and around the Greater Toronto Area, the Sheraton Cadwell Group of Music Professionals is your one-stop shop for solo musicians, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, combos, big bands, dance orchestras and other ensembles.

From jazz and classical to swing, latin and showtunes, we have a variety of boutique orchestras for weddings, dinner-and-dance celebrations, galas, awards ceremonies, fundraisers, corporate functions and other special events.
Home to most of the A-list Top 10 dance/big bands in Canada, here are some of the world-class boutique orchestras under our management:
Toronto Starlight Orchestra (
Wyndham Regency Orchestra (
Philips Westin Orchestra (
Orchestra Copacabana (
Casablanca Orchestra (
Sheraton Cadwell Orchestra (
Blue Champagne (
Be sure to visit their websites for more information.
With an average of at least 10 years performing experience and more significant high-profile achievements than most dance/big bands in Toronto's highly competitve music industry, our international cast of artists comprises over 100+ talented vocalists and musicians from Canada, the United Kingdom, USA, South America, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Asia.
For sound clips, please follow the link for each of the 106 collector-edition CD albums released to date (see below). They will give you a good idea of the high level of performance you can expect from our artists.

All recordings - without exception - were done live ... without any overdubs!
A complete discography and sound clips are available at and
For video footage of some of our shows, visit YouTube at or Vimeo at
Official photos of our orchestras will be found on Shutterfly at

Our press kit is attached below for your kind perusal.


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30% of performance fees received from you will be donated to international agencies such as UNICEF, World Vision, KIVA, Oxfam, CARE, Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross through the Global Poverty Relief Foundation (

Our primary mandate is to support the fundraising activities of major charities and humanitarian organizations dedicated to alleviating poverty in less developed communities outside Canada.
To date, we have helped to raise over $1.5+ million for various charitable and humanitarian projects.


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Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation either by phone at
416.712.2555 or by email at
We look forward to hearing from you!
Yours truly,
for the Sheraton Cadwell Group
/ Sheraton Cadwell Orchestras
Florence Lee
"Sheraton Cadwell", "Toronto Starlight Orchestra", "Starlight Orchestra",
"Wyndham Regency", "Philips Westin", "Copacabana", "At The Copacabana",
"Casablanca", "Club Casablanca" and "Blue Champagne" are registered
trade names of 958862 Ontario Limited.

All rights reserved.


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 "Your vocal stars are glamorous,
chic & hip ... what a treat!"
- Olivier Francone


"It takes a really good band to get the
Mayor up to dance the twist!"
- Hazel McCallion


"I've seen the rest ... you're the best!"
- Richard Cohen

"Your track record of recorded work
is utterly impressive ... wow!"
- Julio Hernandez

"I loved your performance ...
it was professional and entertaining!"
- Joanne Wheatley
"You have both style and substance."
- Jim Stanley
"Awesome! There was hardly any room left on the dance floor ...
with thousands more watching your show
from all around the amphitheatre!"
- Tim Reidt

"Charming and delightful ... we enjoyed every tune!"
- Maria & Ron Oliveira

"I am here to welcome a really really fantastic orchestra ...
heard so much about them from my colleagues in city hall."
- Julain Sleath

"The orchestra sounds like swingers
having a time of their lives!"
- John Liddle

"Of all the big bands I know, yours is the most classy and professional ...
your toe-tapping programming, slick presentation and
remarkable cast of singers put you way ahead of everyone else."
- Jeff Lorenzo


"You guys are good ... very, very good!"
- Rick Petrocelli
"Open yourself to the sounds of this fine ensemble ...
they are a must at any event or occasion."
- Denis Mastromonaco


"It's the first time I've seen everyone stand up
at the end of a concert here to give a
standing ovation ... darn good show!"
- Bill Stuart

"Your vocal artists are sensational!"
- Michel Saunders

"The songs you play are so different from the other
big bands that perform here ... your international
musicians make such beautiful music!"

- Erica Klein


"I really enjoyed the various techniques you explore with your music ...
interesting voicings, great ensemble playing and the music is beautiful.
There are certainly some big ears at work here."
- Jeff Williams


"Our guests were thrilled with your performances!"
- Sheryl McKean
"What a fabulous repertoire ...
we enjoyed every song!"
- Michelle & Michael Pratt

"There is something special and beautiful
about your boutique big bands ... and
the good work you do for charity."
- Wendy Evans


"First class entertainment!"
- Alex Chavez

"Your professional orchestras are in
large measure responsible for the
renaissance of big bands in Canada."
- Pete Chapman

"We all had a fantastic evening ... dancing to
great music of the orchestra!"
- Susanne Adamczyk

"From the many positive comments we have received ...
it's clear that your contribution helped to ensure the event
was successful and memorable for all involved."
- Eva Liebermann


"I have seen many shows at this venue ...
yours is one of the few I really truly enjoyed!"
- Alan O'Connell


"Your performers have a great deal of flair and finese."
- Dennis Cole


"Our guests ABSOLUTELY loved your orchestra ...
we would certainly recommend you
to everyone we know!"
- David Rosati


"I am so happy to see the orchestra perform again."
- Rafik Mankarios

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for your continued support for the festival!
It was great to have you guys perform once again and I know everyone really enjoyed
the performance. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"
- Marco D'Onofrio


"Of the over 50 bands in the street festival,
I noticed yours had the largest crowd turnout."
- Bob Tamsin


"Solid 5-star performances!"
- Rick Stewart


"I had the pleasure of listening to you ...
and would like to know the dates & places
where my husband and I could dance
to your music."
- Etta Kaner


"You're always so good!!!"
- Michele Walks


"We just could not stop dancing!"
- Pam Murray

"Excellent show! It does not get better than this ...
a top notch orchestra with musicians from all over the world,
fabulous singers and a great time dancing under the stars
on a perfect summer evening."
- Marty Stapleton


"Your choices of (music) pieces were delightful ... and the calibre of your group was very impressive."
- Catherine Eeuwes


"We received SUCH great feedback about your two orchestras ...
they all looked awesome up there, in addition to sounding wonderful!
We look forward to inviting you back next summer to another successful
Taste of the Danforth!"
- Lori Neumann


"Many we knew were asking for a CD
of EVERY SONG your band played
... this CD only has some of them.
Can we have more, please?"
- Jean Anderson

"Absolutely the best big band show I have ever been to ... what a great band!!!"
- Tim Goldberg


"I thoroughly enjoyed the polished presentations
of your vocalists and orchestra!"
- Mike Brown


"We had many compliments ... thrilled by
the music that night and everyone had
a lot of fun!"
- Alessandra Palombo


"What a superb concert ... I stayed right till the end!"
- Phil Warren


"I've heard a lot of good things about your orchestra,
so I came out to listen ... you know, you fellows
are REALLY very good!"
- Jim Fernandez


"My husband and I played your CD over and over ...
and we are truly enjoying it!"
- Sharon Warnas

"... greatly enjoyed and we would be very pleased
if you would come back again!"
- Mary-Louise Wilson

"We have seen many bands. Only a few sound good
but they do not look good. Your orchestra is one
of the very best ... it sounds good and it also looks good!"
- Phil & Jane Richardson


"I love all the songs you played and everyone was incredibly impressed
with your professionalism and fantastic sound."
- Alexa Kinney


"Your show was polished and refined ...
we were thoroughly entertained!"
- Linda Berton


"You will always be considered and
recommended highly by us."
- Mara Jansons

"I have received many compliments from guests ... absolutely wonderful
range of music, not to mention the excellent vocalists."
- Danita Bocarro


"You are the best of the best!"
- Ted Gray


* * * * *

Sheraton Cadwell Orchestras

Incorporated in 1991, the SCG has an international cast and perspective.
Professionally managed and staffed by over 100+ talented vocalists and musicians from Canada, the United Kingdom, USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Asia, the SCG has an established reputation as one of the most highly recommended suppliers of live musical entertainment for special events.
In-house audio and visual expertise, generous sponsorship and experienced leadership have made it possible for this unique organization to achieve world-class standards with its boutique big bands/dance orchestras, including the Toronto Starlight Orchestra ( ), the Wyndham Regency Orchestra (, the Philips Westin Orchestra (, Orchestra Copacabana (, the Casablanca Orchestra (, Blue Champagne ( and the Sheraton Cadwell Orchestra (
Exceptions aside, artists recruited by the SCG generally have an average of at least 10 years performing experience, having been auditioned and selected for their high level of artistic flair, technical proficiency and professionalism.
Artists with the SCG have an extensive repertoire of popular hits and vintage songs from the 1930s to the 1990s for almost any occasion to please the most discerning clients ... from the music of Nat King Cole, Sammy Cahn, Oscar Hammerstein, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter, George & Ira Gershwin, Johnny Mercer, Irving Berlin, Perez Prado, Henry Mancini, Hoagy Carmichael, Lorenz Hart, James Van Heusen, Johnny Burke, Burt Bacharach, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Mandel, Alberto Dominguez to Louis Prima and Antonio Carlos Jobim; greatest hits by artists such as Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra, Linda Ronstadt, James Ingram, Diana Krall, Tom Jones, Diana Schuur, Ella Fitzgerald, Natalie Cole, Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble, Bobby Darin, Norah Jones, Leonard Cohen, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Van Morrison, George Michael, Vanessa Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Lou Bega, John Denver, Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Whitney Houston, the Beatles, ABBA, Bee Gees and the Beach Boys; and perennial standards by the orchestras of Glenn Miller, Stan Kenton, Artie Shaw, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Maynard Ferguson, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Herb Alpert, Nelson Riddle, Sammy Nestico, Chuck Mangione, Tito Puente and Arturo Sandoval.
Shows are typically tightly-paced presentations by a tapestry of fabulous vocal artists for up to over 4 hours of non-stop musical entertainment, with no rest breaks!
Subject to change without notice, SCG's dance/big bands this season will be showcasing what many are saying are some of the most engaging vocal artists to date for any big band! The SCG is pleased to present Leigh Graham ( ), Jessalyn Hynds, Michelle Kettrick, Nerissa Kay Bradley, Douglas Moyle, Melissa Lee, Jonathan Lee ( ), Patricia Meredith (, Faith Amour, Jaclyn Genovese (, Amy Moodie, Aimee Lee, Jessica Doyle, Cheryn Lyn, Alex Pascu, Ruth Acheampong, Amelia Ramos, Victoria Leone, Sebastian Ellis (, Phoebe Thompson-Star and Sydney Dunitz.
SCG's artists have entertained heads of state, diplomats, dignitaries, VIPs and audiences in the thousands, with more significant achievements than most of the best of dance/big bands in Toronto's highly competitive music industry.
Whether it is a romancing soloist, intimate duet, sassy trio, classical string quartet, jazz quintet, latin combo, swinging big band or grand ballroom dance orchestra, performances have characteristically been described as professional, warm, lively and engaging.
Over $200,000+ has been invested in the best available sound & recording equipment and other logistics to ensure that all orchestras under SCG's management continue to be among the most well-equipped entertainers in the industry.

Equipment list includes the finest high-end audio gear such as Roland VS-2480 workstations, Genelec 8040A monitors, Sony MDR-7509HD headphones, Monster Power Conditioner PRO 2500, Bose L1, QSC K12 and KSub high performance speakers and Blue Kiwi quad cables; vintage microphones like the limited edition AKG C 414 LTD, Neumann TLM 49 and TLM 103; the world's quietest microphones, the Rode NT1-A and NT2-A; specialty microphones such as the Audix D-6, Earthworks high definition SR30 matched pair, Blue Baby Bottle, Blueberry, CAD E-300, Sontronics SIGMA and Royer's flagship, the R-121; a broad selection of high quality tube and solid state preamps such as the Universal Audio Solo 610, Rupert Neve Portico 5016, Mackie Onyx 800R, Focusrite OctoPre LE and Presonus Digimax FS.

The SCG is available for performances at weddings, corporate functions and other special events.
With one of the world's largest archives of 10,000+ music charts for big bands and a corporate goal of producing at least 3 CD albums each year, orchestras under the SCG have released a total of 106 collector-edition CDs to date, with albums available to over 2,400 retail stores, including digital distribution through Apple iTunes, Sony Connect, Yahoo Music, Best Buy, Rhapsody, Napster, MSN Music, Amazon and other outlets worldwide.
No other big band anywhere in the world has released as many CD albums as the SCG has over the last 100 years!
Recorded performances by SCG-affiliated orchestras have been broadcasted by radio stations around the world.
Clients who have commissioned SCG's artists include high-profile organizations such as Bank of America, TD Bank, United Way, City of Toronto, Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (representing multi-national corporations like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Lufthanza Airline), Easter Seals, Kiwanis Club and the Mississauga Board Of Trade, among many others.
SCG's boutique big bands have performed at many upscale venues, grand banquets and ballrooms at 5-star locations such as the Old Mill Inn, Granite Club, Casa Loma, Atlantis Pavilions, Liberty Grand, Dominion Club, Sheraton Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Westin Harbour Castle Hotel and the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Prestigious festivals SCG orchestras have been showcased at include the Taste of the Danforth, Corso Italia Fiesta, Celebrate Toronto! Street Festival, the Sunday Serenades at Mel Lastman Square and the Beaches International Jazz Festival, public concerts which feature the best big bands auditioned and shortlisted each year by special event organizers and the City of Toronto.
The primary mandate of the SCG is to support the fundraising activities of major charities and humanitarian organizations dedicated to alleviating poverty in less developed communities outside Canada.
Net proceeds from performances and CD sales are donated to international agencies such as UNICEF, World Vision, Oxfam, CARE, Doctors Without Borders, KIVA and the Red Cross through the Global Poverty Relief Foundation ( for disaster and poverty relief programs.
To date, the SCG has helped to raise over $1.5+ million for charitable and humanitarian projects.

* * * * *

Board Of Directors
Neil Tatay, Chairman
Alan Vincent, Vice-Chairman
Leigh Graham
Scott Davies
Gale Bassett
Mike Falla
Bill Prouten
Patricia Meredith
Takeshi Naoi
Nigel Robertson
Karen Jacobs
General Manager
Andrew Chong
Public Relations
Leigh Graham
Music Directors

David King
Bill Prouten
Neil Tatay
Takeshi Naoi
Andre Soares
Mike Falla
Nigel Robertson
John Devries
Bruce Griffin
Scott Good
John Jackson

* * * * *



Allison Lynn
Leigh Graham
Todd Cooper
Lisa Levy
Mark Rainey
Angus Dirnbeck
Elisa Gold
Leah Reinhartz
Hilary Weaver
Lisa Budd
Laila Plamondon
Susanna Yanivker
Al Raposo
Rick Levine
Woodney Pierre
Anne Bonsignore
Danielle Ching
John Sharkey
Marsha Roc
Linda Fox
Jill Peacock
Maya Spring
David Vanden Enden
Kara Evelyn
Maria-Carmela Raso
Melissa Lee
Patricia Nesci Meredith
Rebecca Binnendyk
Jessalyn Hynds
Erin Fisher
Jaclyn Genovese
Nerissa Kay Bradley
Jonathan Lee
Asha Pieper
Amy Moodie
Patricia Duffy
Joe Fischer
Larissa McKetton
Sydney Dunitz
Faith Amour
Cheryn Lyn
Sheree Spencer
Kristin Fung
Donovan Locke
Ivanna Cheliak
Phoebe Thompson-Star
Amelia Ramos
Aimee Lee
Sebastian Ellis
Michelle Kettrick


Benedicto Fernandes
Victoria Yeh
Gale Bassett
Endel Vesik
Steve Weinberg
Gerald Reidt
Bill Buchan
Sandra Ignaciuk
Gary Lynn
Vaado Sarapuu
Riccarda Balogh
Terry Short
Paul Weston
Jasna Jovicevic
Jerzy Sieczka
Bruce Tatemichi
Jordan Wosnick
Dhimiter Hotova
Daniel Bass
George Fan
Peter Zsebik
Salomon Ponte
Ivan Neganov
Florin Clonta
Chris Nicholl
Nadia Younan
Chris Ludlow
Budi Winarto
Saha Lee
Alexander Tikhonov
Scott Davies
Art Gale
Kristen Au
Sheldon Mintz
Richard Mattson
Joseph Solovitch
Samuel Meyer
Bill Prouten
Luis Queralta Lucas
Alexey Chekalev
Cailey Clow
Flavio Fernandes
Jason Sewerynek
Lawrence Horwood
Jacob Armstrong
Oliver Guo
William Heslop
Ara Arakelyan
Daniel De Kee
Alexandre Fecteau
Dana Kimpel
Nigel Robertson
Karen Jacobs
Nathan Ly
Aerin Fogel
Andrii Pisetskyi
Mara Plotkin
Bryan Covey
Brian Crone
Jamie Jarvie
Daniel Alvarado
Julien Beisecker
Patrick Manahan
Brett Dickinson
Jak Yasuda
Don Beaupre
Jan Buneta
James Sedgwick
Allison Sharpe
Andrew Chong
Christian Rojas
Klaus Anselm
Nicholas Nasturzio
Afiz Suleymanov
Liborio Lomonaco
Richard Park
Rachel Malach
Steve Bitaxi
Bernard Wexler
Philipp Socha
Michael Tenno
Mayuko Araki
Jesse Malone
Mike Falla
Hirofumi Hori
Antoine Rogeaux
Sean Sydney
Peter Kim
Erik McIntyre
Peter McKitterick
Ted Tracewicz
Lisa Hartl
George Karounos
Don Finlay
Kim Murphy
Eric Pennington
John Devries
Jeremiah Cashore
Andrew Carello
Joao Simoes
Todd Wright
Adam Wermus
Ririka Nakanishi
Matthew Bacon
Susan Guido
Carly Lerner
Eli Lewis
David King
Alan Vincent
Stefanie Webb
John McGuigan
Andrew Ziegler
John Paul Brown
Juergen Kalzer
Ron Robbins
Elizabeth Miller
Dirk Warnas
Vincent Feletti
Tony Ellis
Takeshi Naoi
Mitch Vine
Yuki Kitamura
Brent Harasym
Karl Silveira
Kysen Leo
Christon Jones
Nobuaki Seki
Ted Winick
Jacob Plachta
Simon Leigh
Phil Thomson
John Presutti
John Doerr
Neil Morrison
Christopher Vincent
Jim Xu
Aaron Chan
Stephen Lashbrook
Jacqueline Chia
Sarah Gallah
Xandrix Baluyot
Mitchell Smith
Scott Good
Dale Matsushige
John Jackson
Bob Pennycook
Anthony Feliciani
Ben Odom
Ralph Detko
Thomas Nagy
Martin Kuwawi
Kenny Simon
Roger Chong
Ian Hamilton
Warren Greig
Famur Ahmeti
Henrique Matulis Filho
Dan Willer
David Lessy
Robert Horvath
Ernest Fong
Denis Kugappi
Neil Tatay
Susanne Mazaiarz
Jungwoo Choi
Zialiang Zhu
Andre Soares
Jeff Vidov
Denis Pankov
Aaron Harnett
Francois Comeau
Felix Wong
Boris Treivus
Mike Sniegocki
Paul Mason
Tom McGill
Reuven Grajner
Steven Tam
Vasco Alphonso
Phil Hawkins
Jan Ravens
Brian Dale Kruschel
Norris Graham
Frank Santopuoli
Chester Manoharan
Paul O'Connell
Andrew Ferguson
Elliot Song
Jordan Quinn
Wooyoung Kim
Ali Taiyeb
Nikolaus Odermatt
David Thiessen
Ron Grant
Wayne Hum
Kobi Hass
Andris Krumins
Marie Narini
Michael Lenz
William Dietrich
Risto Ivanov
Brian Griffin
Mauro Bellotto
Steve Farrugia
Walter Schellenberg
Corinne Cecilia
Jon Roblin
Maksym Deomin
Michael Carrillo
Reade Ollivier
Rob Bubnich
Jason Choi
Paul Cho
Dan Picillo
Raphael Nunez
Raffaele Stanghi
Summer Wang
Carlos Skinfill
Tom Gilboe
Mark Prosser
Satwik Misra
Shelby Nelson
Eugene Dion
Daniel Neumann
Trevor Maybee
Augusto Santana
Murad Gunduz
John Collin
Ed Gold
Marito Marques
Scott Siegner
Ryan Johnston
Joseph Balon
Cory Snider
Barete Santourdjian
Alberto Saurez
Alex Yambu Reyes
Matthew Jebb
Johnny Tran
Greg Horner
Ravi Danesh
Ryan Field
David Fudge
Joseph Naccarato
Robert Antonini
Don Stevenson
Hannah Grace Jones



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A complete discography and sound clips are available at and at

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